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One of many but a silly and cute memory.

This past spring I developed this odd obsession with daffodils (I'm really not a flower fan). Steven's dad had some growing in front of his house and I always wanted to pick some but Steven said big no no to touch the flowers. So I kept telling my boyfriend Matt to go steal me some daffodils but with no luck, he didn't want to steal anyone flowers either. Then one evening, now late spring and getting a little sad that the flowers were all withering, Steven and I went for a ride to get some dinner. On our home he was driving and suddenly slammed on the brakes while pulling to the curb, leaped out of the car and started walking away. I got a little scared, thinking he was having some sort of freak out lol. I rolled down my window and not being able to see him in the dark I yelled to him with no reply. Then he appears back out of nowhere, gets back in to the car looking at me and hands me on perfect little surviving daffodil. I have no idea how he spotted that one flower but he did and it made me so happy. I finally had my newly found favorite flower! I could do nothing but hold  on to it and smile. I still have that daffodil, it's laying in front of our picture together in my living room and that's right where it will stay. :D

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